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Sterling Trader Pro Platform

1. Level 2

The Level II Order Entry window in Sterling Trader® Pro delivers superb order-routing capability combined with point-and-click ease. You are able to open and trade from as many instances of the Level II Order Entry window as you like – there is no limit. You can display them with a variety of settings, or you can set them up with one default display settings profile.

2. Advanced Charting

Chart is an exciting new add-on package offered by Sterling Trader® Pro. It enables users to visually plot market trends in Tick, Bar and Daily Chart formats using a wide variety of time-period increments, including real-time and historical data. It also offers a broad range of Technical Studies (11 at present) that users can customize to further enhance their analytical advantage.

3. Stock Watch

Stock Watch is a window in Sterling Trader® Pro that enables users to fashion customized views of their favorite equities for market price monitoring in real-time mode. You can do this by listing and sorting the equities into any variety of groupings or arrays to suit your viewing needs and preferences. You can choose from among an extensive selection of 26 different monitoring categories to keep a real-time watch on these equities every trading day. A user can open up as many as three (3) Stock Watch windows simultaneously.

4. Top Ten

Top Ten is a window in Sterling Trader® Pro that enables users to view a variety of “Top Ten” lists, including: “$Gainers”, “$Losers”, “%Gainers”, “%Losers”, “Most Active”, “Tick Most Active After Hours”, and “Volume Most Active After Hours”. One can track the Top Ten ranking for any of the above 7 categories for the following 15 exchanges: AMEX, Boston Stock Exchange, Canadian Venture Exchange, CBOE Non-options, Chicago Stock Exchange, Cincinnati Stock Exchange, NASDAQ Bulletin Board, NASDAQ Listed Equities, NASDAQ NMS, NASDAQ OTC, NASDAQ UPT, NYSE, Pacific Stock Exchange, Philadelphia Stock Exchange and Toronto Stock Exchange.

5. MDX (Market Data Extensions)

MDX is a window in Sterling Trader® Pro that enables you to view Market Imbalances, Opening Indications, Delays or Halts, and Trade Distribution Times. You can choose to view all 4 of these categories at the same time, individually, or in any combination.

6. Position Summary

Position Summary in Sterling Trader® Pro is a window that enables the user to comprehensively monitor their trading positions. Positions are summarized by Account, and Accounts can be monitored by the following 32 data fields: Sym (Symbol), Acct (Account), Qty Bot, Qty Sld, Pos, $Unrealized, $Realized, Trades, $Bot, $Sld, Opening Position, $Total P/L, Last, Change, Group, OPP, PosAvgPrc, Qty SLng, Qty SShrt, $Sld Lng, $Sld Shrt, AEP Bot, AEP Sld, AEP SLng, AEP SShrt, Total Qty, $Comm, $Net P/L, Bullets, Conver, Hedges, P/L/Shr.

7. Trade Summary

The Trade Summary window offers a concise, simplified analysis of daily trading activity on a “Symbol / Side” basis. At a glance you are able to see the Average Price and Total Cost per side (Buy, Sell, Sell Short) for each symbol traded. This window is split into 2 views: “Symbol Summary” at the top and “Side Summary” at the bottom. The “Symbol Summary” pane organizes the trader’s daily trading information by “Account”, “Side”, “Symbol”, “Shares”, “Average Price” and “Total Cost”. The “Side Summary” pane arranges the trader’s information by “Side”, “Total Shares” and “Total Cost” only. This window can be filtered by Account. You will find the Trade Summary window most useful for calculating at a glance how your buys and sells are “matching up” in the current trading day.

8. Alerts

Alerts in Sterling Trader® Pro is a window that enables you to set up custom alerts that will notify you of certain market pricing events that may occur with bid, ask or last prices. For instance, you can be notified when a stock’s price reaches a new high or low; gains or loses a certain amount of pennies or points; or hits a pre-defined price point. The alerting device itself can be in the form of a pop-up notification message, a beep or custom sound.

9. News

News is a window in Sterling Trader® Pro that enables you to view headlines and full-text news stories. You can choose either to view both the headline and story panes at the same time, or separately.

10. Option Chain

For option traders, in Sterling Trader® Pro offers an advanced option chain.

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