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Laser Platform

Laser is an incredibly fast and reliable trading platform for equities and options. It was developed using optimized multi-threaded C++ code, running parallel on the latest XEON servers through direct LAN, point to point connections to ECN's, NASDAQ, and NYSE with ping time as low as 1 ms. Whether you are new to trading or have extensive experience with other day trading execution systems, the Laser system provides power and flexibility, which in turn gives the best possible trading solutions and the greatest chance of success. From critical market data presentation, to fully custom keystroke command executions, Laser has the advantage.

1. Custom layouts that make it easy to adjust to Laser, including Multiple page overlap support. This feature allows you to switch to different pages with fully customizable keystrokes.

This feature allows you to switch to different pages with fully customizable keystrokes.

2. Comprehensive display of real-time Level II quote, ECN books and Time & Sale Prints, together with tick charts and minute charts.

Level II Nasdaq

Level II Listed

This window displays all level I and level II information for the entered symbol. For Nasdaq stocks you can choose to see the depth of the ECN books. For listed stocks you will see all the regional markets along with the ECN's. The color scheme can be customized with a choice of 10 different presets. Market Maker and ECN's can be color coded to your preference. The window will display when a market has a crossed spread, locked spread and spreads larger than certain amount. You can choose between viewing the time and sales along with the Laser, which shows the most active market maker or ECN on the bid or offer.
You may choose to send your orders with customized hotkeys or by using the order pane for point and click execution.

3. Real time charts allow you to clearly see stock price movements and volume instantly to help you make your order entry decision.

Real Time Chat

Real Time Chat

4. Comprehensive technical analysis charts allow you to study and find the best moment to execute your trade.

Technical Analysis Chart

Technical Analysis Chart

5. Real-time Blotter View showing summary of used buying power, stock portfolio, as well as an in-depth open and closed profit and trade report.

Used and Remaining Buying Power


P&L Trade Report

Portfolio Summary (with multiple account support)

6. Filters and statistics based on the real-time inside market customizable to your specifications and criteria on all symbols.

Top traded volume

Displays real-time, streaming filters that provide crucial information on the most active stocks
of the day. The most active stocks for each filter are listed from top to bottom. Here are some
of the many available statistics:
  • Top 100 Volume
  • Top 100 on Nasdaq
  • Top 100 on Listed
  • Top 100 on ARCA
  • Top 100 Gainers/Losers: Price
  • High-Low Alert
  • Out of Market Alert
  • Thermograph

7. Query Search allows you to define your search criteria by the range and sorting as you like to get the dynamically updated real-time results.

Query Search

Query Result

8. Ability to construct and maintain a personal board view of your favorite symbols showing their respective real-time Level I data.

Real Time Watch List

9. Direct order routing to all major ECNs, NASDAQ Super Montage and NYSE DOT. Order types include Limit, Market, Reserve, Stop Market and Stop Limit.

Order Routing Option

Order Types

10. Smart Routing Engine to assist in achieving best execution by choosing an optimal route.

Smart Order Routing

11. Multiple DOT and NX Line Routing

DOT and NX Lines

12. Intelligent basket trading allowing for execution of large baskets simultaneously.

Basket Setup

13. Extremely simple direct connection to Excel for real-time quote, portfolio and order management, with a quote sheet provided for your use.

Excel Setup

14. Customizable mouse console that allows for custom buttons

Mouse Console

15. Trader Client Based Stop

Trader Stop

Trader Stop View

16. A VWAP (volume weighted average price) routing option, enabling you to lock in the average daily price at day's end.

VWAP Route

17. Instant Messaging window allows you to instantly communicate with other traders, as well as Risk Managers and Support Personnel.

VWAP Route

To experience our Laser trading platform, please email us your request for a trial account today.