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Trading Platforms

Mach Pro Trading understand that certain trading strategies or methodologies may require different types of technology; therefore, we offer a variety of direct-access trading platforms and advanced trading tools to the suit the needs of all traders. For those traders with very specific needs, we can develop customized trading solutions quickly and efficiently to enhance productivity. By offering a comprehensive suite of services, Mach Pro Trading can afford traders the marked competitive advantage they seek.

Lightspeed Trader

Lightspeed offers equities, options, and futures executions through the use of Lightspeed Trader, our low-latency, feature-rich direct market access trading system. Lightspeed Trader has become an industry-leading trading platform used by many successful professional retail traders, trading groups, and hedge funds. Our cutting-edge, low-latency technology, combined with our professional customer service, gives traders the edge they need to succeed. Traders can easily design and customize layouts to best fit their trading needs.

Sterling Trader Pro

Sterling Trader Pro is a multi-purpose front-end trading platform that is equipped with a list of distinctive features. These features were specifically designed with the input of experienced professional traders, to assist trading professionals who work with the rapidly moving electronic markets. Sterling Trader Pro offers direct electronic access to all of the exchanges and ECNs, and is suitable for trading operations of all sizes. Programmable keys for fast order entry allow for instantaneous action against any change-of-market conditions. The load order entry features greatly reduce the time required for order entry. The trading results will be readily accessible using the Position Summary and Trading Monitor windows with data updated instantaneously to meet the needs of the individual traders.
Routing of orders to different markets is controlled through smart destination preference settings. Since the Sterling Trader® System operates on standard computer infrastructure using Microsoft Windows and Intel technology, this product can be easily integrated with an existing in house network. Professional trading firm will have full control over system components. This approach guarantees the fastest possible access to the electronic markets and exchanges.


Laser is a very fast and reliable trading platform. It was developed using optimized multi-threaded C++ code, running parallel on the latest XEON servers through direct LAN, point to point connections to ECN's, NASDAQ, and NYSE with ping time as low as 1 ms.
Whether you are new to trading or have had extensive experience with other day trading execution systems, the Laser system provides power and flexibility, which in turn gives the best possible trading solutions and the greatest chance of success. From critical market data presentation to fully customizable keystroke command executions, Laser has the advantage.